Kemobomb returns with new characters, new gamemodes and way tighter gameplay than ever before!!

For those returning from Kemobomb:

  • A new special block has arrived!
  • New AI characters!
  • New avatar customisations!
  • Gauntlet mode!!
  • 2-player co-op!
  • New graphical effects!!
  • Special blocks are no longer completely random and are on a fixed cycle, to prevent players on either side lucking out and winning unfairly.
  • Garbage drop is now distributed evenly. 
  • Fast drop now slightly reduces placement time if held.

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Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, kemono, PICO-8


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any chance of this coming to the PICO-8 system itself?

if you mean getting the actual cart.p8.png, I’m not sure. the first version of the game was republished to some game site with some tweaks to add a cheat mode, etc, so I was kind of put off publishing the source to lexaloffle again.

I might change my mind, though. it’s not that a big of a deal… @w@

All is understood. Was only curious. But yes, love the game as is.