2022-08-15 (2)

I rewrote the ghost data into a better packing format, so I reclaimed a bunch of tokens for new features.

  • Added the Phantom. There's no photo cameras and I don't plan to ever add those due to scope, so the only thing it will do is the walk-and-leave-EMF trait it has.
  • Added the Holy Cross (Crucifix, but the name is wrong, so let's change it..!)
  • Candles now work as cruxes for the Onryo.
  • Hantus now move faster if the breaker is off.
  • Demons are affected by a crux in a larger radius.
  • Jinns now move faster if the breaker is on.
  • The ghost will no longer start a hunt if you are outside.


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Aug 15, 2022

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