A few more updates to finish off the game, hopefully for good this time!!

  • Fix ghost burning cruxes when attempting to start a hunt even if the player is not in the house.
  • On a new round, the Flashlight is equipped by default.
  • EMF was being emitted for a candle being blown out, this has been rightfully removed.
  • Updated smudge SFX to be less harsh, and added smoke FX.
  • Onryo now has a 50% chance to hunt on candle blowout instead of 100%, to match the real game.
  • Add a TV to the living room.
  • Stepping in salt now plays footstep noises.
  • Add some fade segues to polish some scene transitions.
  • Adjust position of ghost types on the Journal to fit the Poltergeist in a little better.
  • Fix an issue where an item from the last game was being carried to the next one.

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