This is a 32KB demake of Phasmophobia, a 21-gigabyte horror-puzzle game.

How to play Phasm8

Just like in Phasmophobia, there are seven different evidences possible (as of writing). You need to find three to determine what kind of ghost it is.

  • Press X/V to talk. Talking will temporarily increase the rate of interaction.
  • Hold Z/C to open the equipment wheel/navigate menus/etc.
  • Ghost abilities are described in the Journal. Use left/right arrows to turn the pages.
  • When the Spirit Box is on, talking may incite a verbal response from the ghost if you are within range.
  • The Writing Book, Video Camera and D.O.T.S. Projector can be placed. Observe the "video feed" from the outside terminal.
  • Use the UV Light to look for fingerprints (n.b.: just like in the game, footprints do not count, but can be used to help identify Wraiths).
  • The EMF reader will track recent interactions, just like in the regular game.


The ghost will hunt. You will know when it happens. You will hear louder footsteps as it gets closer to you. Hide!

The Holy Cross can be placed on the floor to prevent it from hunting within a certain area.


  • The Journal lets you select and filter out evidences and ghosts, just like in the game.
  • Any equipment that is turned on will remain on if you switch to another held item.
  • You can view ghost activity levels from the CCTV monitor (a reading of 5 may indicate EMF5!).
  • Due to the lack of doors, ghosts can leave handprints on most surfaces, but also windows.
  • You don't need a Thermometer to look for freezing temperatures. You will see the cold breath when it happens.
  • Some ghosts can be identified immediately from their unique traits. Read the journal for information on each one.
  • Talking will reduce sanity by 0.5%, so don't overdo it (unless you really want a hunt).


All 24 ghosts have been implemented in at least some form. Ghosts have certain abilities carried over from Phasmophobia:

  • Poltergeist: may interact with several items all at once.
  • Shade: will interact less if you are in the room.
  • Spirit: affected more by Smudge Sticks.
  • Goryo: refuses to present itself on DOTS unless viewed through a camera system.
  • Banshee: will occasionally wander towards you even when not hunting.
  • Deogen: always knows where you are, no matter what. Do not hide!
  • Raiju: has a greater effect on your flashlight when hunting. Gets a speed boost from placed electronic equipment.
  • Myling: has less audible footsteps in a hunt.
  • Oni: interacts way more. can launch an object at high speed.
  • Yurei: more likely to perform a mist event, and events will drain more sanity.
  • Moroi: will curse the player if the Spirit Box is answered. Sanity Pills will remove the curse.
  • Obake: has a chance to leave a unique handprint.
  • Revenant: decreased hunt speed, increased chase speed.
  • Demon: hunts too much. Is more susceptible to the Holy Cross.
  • Yokai: much easier to annoy by talking, but is not very perceptive.
  • The Mimic: will copy random ghost abilities, and has orbs too.
  • Jinn: will never shut off the breaker.
  • Hantu: will shut off the breaker more. Has frosty breath.
  • Onryo: will try to hunt if a candle is extinguished. Candles will work as cruxes, superseding a Holy Cross.
  • Wraith: will never leave footprints (visible with the UV Light) after stepping in salt.
  • Mare: hates lights, never turning them on and more likely to turn them off.
  • The Twins: increased interaction range to throw you off, and may also perform "twinteractions."
  • Thaye: will start off fast, and will interact frequently, but this will gradually fall off.

Ghost information is provided in the Journal if you need the information while you play.

Good luck, hunter.

(There are currently some debug tools in the Pause menu; these might be removed later.)

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a very good game